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Nuda Veritas is Now Available

In this volume, beautifully produced by Revival Press, Eugene Platt invites us to travel with him on a survey of a long writing life in poems that cloak their craft and technique in language deceptively simple and direct. He confronts tragedies and disappointments without bitterness or sentimentality, finding joy and hope in unexpected places. Eugene’s poetry speaks from the heart with a clarity of vision and generosity of spirit which make this volume a delight to read.
—Michael Farry, Ph.D., Trinity College Dublin; author, The Age of Glass and Troubles.

Nuda Veritas is a celebration of life and death. The poems are expressed with eloquence, beauty, and grace. As in “Simple Words,” the poet “conveys the otherwise unconveyable” and in “A Widower’s Fifth September” brings tears with the words “to hold your hand in mine again and hear your voice.”
—Sue Walker, Ph. D., Tulane University; Poet Laureate of Alabama (2003-2012).

Orla Fay: Nuda Veritas is a big, bold, beautiful book full of heart

(Feb. 2021) Signed copies are available online from Buxton Books:



Saturday, March 28, 2015

Saint Andrew’s Parish, a new novel by Eugene Platt, was published today and is available in paperback and e-book editions on Amazon.com. A description of the book and other details appear on the Amazon.com website. (To order, it is best to key in “Saint Andrew’s Parish by Eugene Platt,” not abbreviating the word “Saint.”)
This 321-page coming-of-age novel includes twenty-four chapters and an epilogue. The chapter titles reflect its essence:

    1. Discovery
    2. Miracle on Savage Road
    3. Boys and Bridges
    4. Missy & Me
    5. The USC Knights
    6. A Room of Her Own
    7. The Owls of Dachau
    8. In the Stars
    9. Wedding
    10. Fecundity
    11. Confessional
    12. An Irish Idyll
    13. Separation
    14. Santa Fe
    15. Condo for Sale
    16. A Long Way from New Orleans
    17. The Eagle Within
    18. Celebration
    19. Communion
    20. A Memorable Meal
    21. Nunc Dimittis
    22. Folly Beach Hotdogs
    23. ZEAL
    24. Redemption