Our Cat Eschews the Evening News

What has been will be again . . .
there is nothing new under the sun.
—Ecclesiastes 1:9 (NIV)

Keats our cat is so centered, he could not
care less about those troubles on the tube.
Aloof, he’s above the daily travails
of humankind, eschews the Evening News.

To be sure, his species would be appalled
if he, just like my wife and I must be,
were so addicted to the Evening News,

As she sips her cold beer, I my Irish,
sweet Keats lies asleep peacefully nearby
on a favorite tartan-covered chair,
oblivious of coronavirus.

In previous incarnations, this cat
likely lived through countless outbreaks of these,
if not of one disease, then another.
Truly, there’s nothing new under the sun.